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A dedicated Pilates, Health and Fitness studio designed to help you build strong, pain-free bodies to create the best version of yourself. Both Essendon and Maidstone Studios offer multiple options to suit all journeys from Rehabilitation through to Sporting Performance. With a multi-disciplinary team and approach; both in house and externally, you’re sure to find the right designed fitness program with Fusion to suit your needs. 

We have an incredibly diverse group of clients – all of which have their own unique health story of why and how they found themselves at Fusion. Clients always feel welcomed at our studios, and you are sure to make long-lasting connections with both staff and fellow class mates, creating a strong fitness community within. 

Founded by Melissa Muratore in 2015; who has been teaching Pilates, Strength and Conditioning in Essendon since 2003, the studio compliments Melissa’s invaluable knowledge and experience in the field of Pilates, which is also driven by her own personal passion for Clinical Fitness and Wellbeing.

Since opening, Fusion has expanded, opening a second mixed equipment studio in Maidstone within the Ascot Fitness Facility. Our professionally trained staff are all fully certified by some of the finest comprehensive teacher certification and diploma programs in the country. Our clinically trained staff also have backgrounds in Exercise Science, Physiotherapy and Osteopathy, which enables them to prescribe either personalised Clinical Pilates programs as well as offer modifications during all group fitness classes. All our group sessions are small to accommodate all levels of fitness and strength created with the idea that clients can feel safe and comfortable in their workout environment. 

We believe that no two bodies are the same, working with each person as an individual with unique needs and goals. We understand every individual’s pains and develop a plan to have them feeling better again. We tailor programs, are goal oriented and make clients accountable - it’s not just about building  up a sweat. 

We take pride in our training and education, continually up-skilling, keeping up to date with current trends and training methods. We have compassion for our clients, and a genuine interest in bringing the best out of everyone’s bodies. Every exercise we teach, we educate ourselves on the benefits, risks and best ways to practice it.
No two classes are alike.