Pre Natal Pilates


Pre Natal Pilates

Prenatal Pilates at Fusion is designed for all fitness levels and all of the exercises are safe for the three trimesters. Previous Pilates experience isn't necessary. The exercises work to stabilise the pelvis and lower back, build stamina and endurance, tone and strengthen the whole body as well as promote good posture and alignment. We are excited to join you on your journey whilst using Pilates to keep your body strong in the pre or post-natal period. If you’re looking for a tailored approach to looking after your body during pregnancy, you’ve come to the right place.

Prenatal Pilates via our Clinical Pilates classes are specifically designed to suit your individual needs through out each trimester. Prenatal Pilates leaves out all of the exercises that would put unnecessary pressure or tension on the body, and sub in exercises and stretches that are completely modified to suit you. The strengthening process helps maintain strong low back and core muscles, which can potentially help prevent or eliminate debilitating back pain during pregnancy. The improvements in flexibility and mobility help you bounce back into physical activity after giving birth.

Pelvic Floor

At Fusion we make sure you pay particular attention to your Pelvic Floor & Kegel Exercises. The true value of Kegel exercises is in strengthening the pelvic floor during pregnancy. Your pelvic floor is the support system for the organs in your lower abdominals. While the uterus grows during pregnancy, it needs the support of a strong pelvic floor. Prenatal pilates helps you control the pelvis by working on contracting and relaxing those muscles. This will really help when you are going into labour.

Improved Strength for Better Posture

When you become pregnant, your posture begins to inevitably change. Unfortunately, this can cause asymmetries and imbalances that potentially lead to pain and discomfort. You can’t prevent your posture and alignment from changing during pregnancy, but you can strengthen the muscles that dramatically change your posture and spinal alignment. By strengthening your hips, lower back, and abdominal muscles you can significantly reduce the amount of pain that you feel associated with that postural change. This will also help prevent permanent postural changes after giving birth.

Increased Abdominal Strength

It is a huge misconception that women shouldn’t be working out their abs while they are pregnant. In fact, during pregnancy, your abs and low back need to be engaged in order to keep you healthy and reduce the amount of negative postural effects and strains caused by pregnancy. The important thing to note here is that there are specific abdominal exercises you need to use as an expectant mothoer, and others that you need to avoid completely.

Prenatal pilates will focus on increasing the strength of the transverse abdominals and obliques, while avoiding recruitment and engagement of the rectus abdominis ( commonly referred to as the six pack abs). Keeping the transverse abdominis & obliques strong will help you keep a tight, strong core, keep separation to a minimum, and prevent pain associated with weakness in the low back and temporary postural realignment, due to pregnancy.

Megaformer Classes

Still want to continue with group fitness classes? Megaformer classes are definitely safe to participate in until your last trimester. We do modify certain exercises for our prenatal clients through out these sessions as all our instructors are trained in Pre Natal Fitness & Pilates, knowing all the contraindications for each trimester. Our Mega 1 & Mega Barre classes are the most popular for our prenatal clients as you still get a full body workout with modifications to suit.

Post Natal Pilates & Lagree Fitness

One of the concerns that active women have when they become pregnant is how their physical health and body shape will be affected. The worry is that your body will lose tone and the kilos pile on. Coming back to Pilates and trying to get back to your pre-pregnancy health, physical performance and weight can be challenging. It can be even more challenging if you completely cut out exercise during your pregnancy. By staying active with Prenatal Pilates, your body is going to have a much easier time post pregnancy.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact the studio.