+ Our Philosophy Is Simple

We say yes to variety, intensity, and quality.

We are dedicated to offering accessible and efficient, Pilates sessions. We strive to deliver up to date exercise prescription, kick-ass group fitness classes, and a high quality experience for our clients to keep them coming back for more.

+ Consistency Is At Our Core

Our twist on traditional methods keeps clients engaged while they achieve their fitness goals. Whether you need to stretch, sweat, sculpt, train, tone, or rehabilitate, Fusion Pilates Studio has something for you.

+ Attire & Water

Grip Socks

Grip socks are required in all our sessions for safety and hygiene. Sneakers are only required for Fusion aerobics and if there is a medical need for your orthotics to be worn. Grip Socks are available for purchase at the studio.


Not a requirement, however we have a selection for purchase for extra grip and wrist support should you need it.


You can refill your water in the kitchen, but please BYOB. (Bring Your Own reusable Bottle) or we also have beautiful earth bottles available for purchase.

+ Your Safety

We offer full-body workouts and like any new fitness routine, you should have your doctor’s approval. Please be sure to let us know about any injuries or pregnancies.

+ How Do I Sign Up For A Class?

Sign up is easy! Simply click on the online booking link or download our branded app, free in the App Store http://tiny.cc/d4qisy or at Google Play http://tiny.cc/k2qisy

+ Dress The Part

Choose attire that allows you to breathe, bend and stretch. Smart choices include stretch pants, yoga pants, leggings and tank tops. Fitted clothing is helpful so the teacher can assess your form.

Leave big dangly jewelry at home or in your bag. .

No strong perfumes or lotions. Some people are allergic and the oils can stain the equipment

+ I Have Never Done Pilates or Lagree, Should I Take A Private Session First?

If you have never done any pilates before, have any issues, niggles, not confident in joining a class format, we recommend either taking one or more private clinical sessions until you feel comfortable. It is a great way to get a little extra attention and explanation. From here you can either join a Clinical Pilates class where you have your own individualised program or if you feel you want a higher intensity workout you can join our Megaformer Class. However, depending on your general fitness level and athleticism, your can most likely jump right into a Megaformer Class.

+ Our Perfectly Reasonable Reservation Cancellation Policy

Like you, we hate policies. But as a business that’s based on respecting our members’ time, we needed this one. We have a limited number of machines, and there’s a high-demand for our classes. So if you cancel at the last minute, that’s a spot that could’ve gone to someone else. That’s why we have these Cancellation Policies. We simply ask that you cancel your space 24hrs in advance for 1:1 / Initial consultations and 9 hours in advance for all classes. (Most studios have a 24-hour cancellation.) Respecting the policy respects our teachers’ time, and allows others to take your spot in the class. Wouldn’t you want the same respect?

+ What Happens If You Cancel A Class With 8 Hours And 59 Min To Go?

For those of you with a bad memory, as we said above, classes need to be cancelled within 9 hours. Otherwise, you’ll incur a Late Cancel charge, which is a removal of your session from your prepaid pass or a $15 late cancel fee.

+ Can I Stroll In 20 Minutes Late To Class?

Those who are more than 5 minutes late will not be admitted into class as it is too disruptive and unsafe.

+ What Happens If You Just Decide To Not Even Show Up?

You signed up for a class but drank a few too many last night, or you’re stuck in traffic and just decided to go straight home. You didn’t show up. Fine. Just know that you will be charged $15 or a session removed from your pass. Granted, being health and fitness people, we are compassionate, so we make some exceptions for emergencies.

+ What About Private Sessions?

Please cancel within 24 hours of your scheduled time to avoid forfeiting the session, or a $35 fee will be charged.

+ Can I Return My Purchase Or Share A Package With A Friend?

All sales are final. No refunds, exchanges, or transfers. Multi passes can be shared with family members & friends, memberships can not.

+ Do I have to book?

It is essential that you book for every class that you would like to attend as they may be booked out! If a session that you would like to attend is already full , put your name on the waitlist.

+ Do I have to commit to one class time?

No. After attending an Initial Assessment for Clinical Pilates and for all other class types we are completely flexible. You also have the option to lock in a set day/time for the life of your pass or membership or you may attend on different days and at different times as it suits you. You can sign up for a class 15 minutes before it starts… We are that flexible!

+ How many classes should I come to?

How often you attend our studio is an individual choice. Some of our clients come multiple times a week, taking different class types, while others come once a week or fortnightly as it suits their schedule. You can discuss this further with your practitioner to suit your individual needs for fitness or injury recovery.

+ I want to start Clinical Pilates but have never done it before. What do I need to do?

You will need to call us on 0478822218 to organize an initial assessment that will allow us to developed an individualized program. Once you have attended this appointment you have the option to remain 1 on 1 or will be able to join a Clinical Pilates group class with up to 4 other people while still utilizing your own program. These sessions are fully supervised at all times.

+ Do I need to have an individual assessment to attend other class types?

No. You do not need to attend an initial assessment to join our amazing Megaformer Classes.

+ What do I need to know for my first class?

You will need to arrive at your first class 5-10 minutes before it is due to start. This will give us time to get you signed in, answer any questions you might have, and show you around our studio.

+ Can I claim benefits for clinical pilates?

Some private health care providers allow benefits for Clinical Pilates. All providers have different requirements to be able to claim. We currently have a list of providers available in the studio. However for further information it is best to contact your private health care provider directly. We do not have HICAPS available on our premises so if you can claim benefits you will have to do this manually.