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Looking for a high intensity but low impact class that’s more challenging than your usual Reformer class? Well look no further!

Welcome to the most fun, innovative, dynamic, challenging and hottest workout in the fitness industry world wide! We are the only Pilates Studio in Melbourne to offer this amazing workout from the USA to you.  

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The Lagree Fitness Training Method on the Megaformer was developed by fitness visionary, Sebastien Lagree. Lagree fitness is a very efficient and effective workout, burning between 500-700 calories in a single 40 minute class. This amazing full body workout stimulates strength, endurance and cardiovascular systems not just through out the workout but with each and every exercise. Lagree fitness is intense on the muscles, but low-impact and safe on the joints, spine, and connective tissues.

Momentum is cheating so we use slow controlled movements, in perfect form with resistance heavy enough to keep constant tension on the muscle. This allows each muscle to work to its max, enabling the slow twitch muscle fibres to kick in resulting in total failure in just one to two minutes. It is at this total muscle failure point, where your slow twitch muscle fibres send out signals that stimulate lean muscle, increase strength, flexibility and improved metabolism giving your body the opportunity to burn more calories and lose inches faster!

Under the guidance of our certified instructors, Fusion’s Megaformer workout will improve your balance, tone & chisel the body and will constantly change up to keep your body guessing. While your spine is protected, we strengthen all muscle groups in a full mind/body, non-aggressive, low-no impact way, making this workout as good for your muscles as it is for your joints while pushing your body pushed to its limits.

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The Megaformer is the ultimate training machine.

Our M3 Megaformer has a moveable long stride carriage, straps, pulleys, is adjusted with springs of different tension, ergonomically placed handlebars and padded platforms off both the front and back. The long carriage travel modification, makes it more versatile for standing exercises and the stronger tension levels allows both a push and pull effect for muscular training. It is also the key aspect of training balance, as you are forced to balance the weight of the entire body while standing on, and moving the carriage. Compared to a traditional Pilates reformer, the Megaformer is like a Ferrari – smooth, slick and full of lots of extra features!

The state of the art Megaformer isolates & attacks specific muscles, in a specific way utilising your slow twitch muscle fibres which are your strength and conditioning, fat burning muscle fibres. With over 300 exercises, the Megaformer allows the body to shift quickly & smoothly from one exercise to another to maintain increased heart rate & get the blood pumping, keeping those slow twitch muscle fibres firing, achieving an intense but low impact cardiovascular workout. Widely used by celebrities and athletes of all levels, the Megaformer will help you burn between 500-700 calories per 40 minute class.

The idea behind Lagree Fitness is that people don’t need more exercise time, they just need more intensity = a more effective way to exercise. A more intense workout burns more calories per minute & results in a much stronger post-exercise reaction. Prepare to sweat and shake and keep burning those calories for several hours after your class has ended.

For all ages and fitness levels, this workout can be modified to suit everybody. We offer both Beginner and Intermediate level classes on the Megaformer.

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Investment Options


Casual Megaformer                       $35.00

5 Session Fitness Pass                   $150.00 ($30.00ea – 2 month expiry)

10 Session Fitness Pass                 $270.00 ($27.00ea – 4 month expiry)

20 Session Fitness Pass                 $460.00 ($23.00ea – 6 month expiry)


Fitness Memberships

2 x classes per week $50

3 x classes per week $60

4 x classes per week $70

OUr fitness passes can be used

at both studio locations.

Multi Use Passes with both Clinical & Megaformer available in studio

Monthly direct debit passes now available, contact studio for more details.

** please note expiry dates on discounted passes will be enforced**

Passes can only be put on hold with a medical certificate or with preapproval.