Fusion Pilates Maidstone

Located inside the amazing Ascot Fitness Facility, our sister studio has a different set up to offer you access to something different. Not satisfied with just the Reformer, we have added Pilates Wunda Chairs to bring you a mixed equipment class each and every time.

With 5 different class variation on timetable we are sure you’ll find something you love.

Mixed Equipment Pilates Classes - Dynamic Fusion | Fusion Flow | Reformer Jumpboard | Fusion Barre | Fusion Matwork


Dynamic FUSION

Our Signature Fusion class is a group Pilates class - but not as you know it. Integrating the Reformer, Wundachair, Matwork & Props, this signature Fusion workout will take your Pilates practice to the next level.

Challenge and strengthen every muscle in your body whilst mindfully improving your core strength, alignment, balance and coordination.

Our Fusion class is a challenging workout, focusing on both the big dynamic muscles as well as the small intrinsic muscles as we work you at a high intensity which is low impact on your joints.

The Fusion classes are adaptable for any Pilates fitness level as progression, regressions & modifications are made to suit each individual participating in class.



Our signature Flow class, modeled on our Clinical Pilates Classes, incorporates all pieces of Pilates equipment (Reformer, Wundachair, Mat & Props) and is a full body integration focusing on mobilisation, alignment, stretching and breaking down the basic principles of Pilates.

We suggest this class to those who are new to Pilates, recovering from injury, or those who want master the fundamentals, working at a slower pace to increase flexibility, mobility & body awareness. Its is also the perfect class for pre natal exercise.

Flow is suitable for any fitness level as we give progressions & regressions depending on the outcome goals of the individual.

Barre Fusion

Fusing elements of Barre & Pilates for a fun high energy yet low impact workout. We use the Reformer as well as light hand weights, pilates circle and balls for a full body choreographed workout that can be modified for any fitness level, suitable for all ages. This class has strong focus targeting the hips, butt & thighs plus a fun flexibility and core component as well.

Reformer Jumpboard

We take the cardio element up a notch in our dynamic Reformer Jumpboard classes. This workout helps to increase cardiovascular health and boosting your body’s metabolism while workthing through different exercises on and off the Reformer with the jumpboard.

Fusion Matwork

Fusion Mat classes offer a variety of functional movements over a 40 minute class of controlled exercise that engages the mind and condition the total body. With a focus on core and pelvic stability and spine and joint mobility, the range of strength training exercises improves posture, body alignment and muscle tone. Suitable for all fitness levels.

Investment options:

All fitness passes can be used at both studio locations.

Casual Fitness Pass $35

5 Session Fitness Pass                  $150 ($30ea – 2 month expiry)

10 Session Fitness Pass                $270 ($27ea – 4 month expiry)

20 Session Fitness Pass               $460 ($23ea – 6 month expiry)

Casual Mat Pass $25 

10 Session Mat Pass $190

Weekly Direct Debit Fitness Memberships

2 x classes per week $50

3 x classes per week $60

4 x classes per week $70

Monthly Direct Debit Fitness Memberships

10 Class Pass $190 per month

15 Class Pass $250 per month

Fusion Pilates Maidstone is located within the Ascot Fitness Facility.

 What and who are Ascot Fitness??

Ascot Fitness is a private, personal training gym, by appointment only.

The Team at Ascot Fitness are highly experienced group of personal trainers committed to delivering high-quality fitness training and nutritional guidance. At Ascot Fitness their goal, like ours at Fusion, is to provide an intimate training environment. They pride themselves on service, attention to detail and the focus is always on you. If you need a personal trainer who is professional, passionate and genuinely wants to see you achieve your goals, look no further.

Ascot Fitness provides everything from strength and conditioning, cardiovascular conditioning, weight loss and nutritional programs to post-rehabilitation, posture correction, mobility and corrective exercise.  Each individualized plan is devised and laid out based on the personal needs and goals of each client.


The personal trainers at Ascot Fitness can help you in the following speciality areas:

  • Individualised programs

  • Toning

  • Weight loss

  • Increased Cardiovascular Fitness

  • Increased strength

  • Increased muscle

  • Boxing technique and training

  • Kettlebell technique and training

  • Running

  • Injury rehabilitation

  • Dietary and nutritional guidance


We also share a space with

Complete Balance Physiotherapy

Complete Balance Physiotherapy caters for all ranges of clientele and are in experts in dealing with a vast array of conditions.

Always delivering the highest quality of care in a relaxed and friendly environment. Complete Balance Physio, offers expert advice and care in Sports Physio, back & neck pain and post surgical management.

Ensure their clients become pain free through the use of Physiotherapy treatment, education and rehabilitation.

With access to state of the art gym rehabilitation facilities Pilates used to reduce your risk of re- injury. Whilst for athletes our center creates an environment for a performance driven return to sport.

Services include:

  • Gym Rehab

  • ACL Rehab

  • NormaTec Recovery

  • Massage

  • post Op Care

  • Dry Needling

  • Sportis Physio

  • Workers Comp

  • Online Booking System

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So easy to find…

Just past Highpoint, behind Bunnings Maribrynong and next door to Baby Bunting and Funtopia :)