Megaformer group Fitness Classes

Essendon Studio Only

The Lagree Method and the Megaformer Machine




Introducing you to the Lagree Method workout on the amazing Megaformer. The state-of- the-art Megaformer workout strengthens the body, tones and elongates the muscles, improves endurance, jump-starts the metabolism, burns fat, increases flexibility and postural alignment, and restores the body’s natural balance. It may look scary but we will ease you in, teaching you at a slower pace, breaking down the exercises with more information for greater understanding. Modifications are available for all exercises in all classes.

Mega 1: A great class if new to the Megaformer, returning after a holiday or break from exercise. Once you feel confident in your technique you can move into the higher intensity Megaformer classes. Don't worry, it's still a kick ass workout!!

Mega 2: These classes are run at a higher intensity, with quicker transitions between exercises. We suggest at least 5 Mega 1 classes before booking into the intermediate level.


Mega Barre

Fusing elements of Barre, Pilates & Lagree Fitness for a fun low impact workout. We use the Megaformer as well as light hand weights, Pilates circle and balls for a full body choreographed workout that can be modified for any fitness level, suitable for all ages. Its a great way to transition into full Megaformer classes. 


Mega cardio

We turn up the cardio element in this Fusion class! Using both slow twitch on the Megaformer to fire up your core and fast twitch movements off the Mega, this high intensity, interval class will have your heart rate racing! But wait there's more, we pair up for a little boxing just to top things off! Bring water and a towel to each class. 


Investment Options

for use across both studio locations

Casual Fitness Pass

5 Session Fitness Pass
$150 ($30ea – 2 month expiry)

10 Session Fitness Pass
$270 ($27ea – 4 month expiry)

20 Session Fitness Pass
$46 ($23ea – 6 month expiry)

50 Session Fitness Pass

$1000 ($20ea - 12 month expiry) 

Weekly Fitness Memberships

(weekly direct debit on a 6 month contract set up in studio)

2 x classes per week $50

3 x classes per week $60

4 x classes per week $70

5x classes per week $80

Monthly Fit Memberships

(monthly direct debit on a 6 month contract)

10 Class Pass $190

15 Class Pass $250

OUr fitness passes can be used
at both studio locations.

** please note expiry dates on discounted passes will be enforced**

Passes can only be put on hold with a medical certificate or with pre-approval.